Refund Policy

[rpt name=”6197″] is leading platform of providing spamtools. We have around 300 active customers who buy tools. We provide legit solution to everything. Our aim is to reduce scams in the spamming world. Sometime our customers get bad tools. So we have a refund and replace policy. We do replace the tool when we have available. But if we don’t have it we refund  the payment.

Refund  or Replace policy:

Please read the refund policy carefully.

  • Report tool in 10 minutes of purchase
  • If it is shell or cPanel [Do not upload any kind of backdoor to it, if we found any we’ll stop refund or replace]
  • Report the valid issue.
  • If it is any tool like checkers, senders, scampages, letters report it right after 10 minutes of purchase (20% tax)

Please read the policy carefully and report it. For reporting the issue of tool you can simply contact us on ICQ, Email, or directly from website just by clicking Chat Now button we are online 24/7.