How Valid email checker works

How valid email checkers works is famous for it’s valid email checkers. Nowadays spammers prefer efficiency. Valid email checkers makes the work too efficient, less efforts, high results, and reduce the wastage of resources. We goal is to make the work done in a short time without wasting the resources.  The main problem spammers usually face is the SMTP and hitting inbox.

Problems Faced by Spammers:

Spammers are facing many issues nowadays. However, while sending to letter to emails the SMTP usually stop working or start sending inbox. team worked hard and started building a tool which reduce the efforts, time, and wasting the resources like SMTP etc. We are the only shop that providing legit solutions to it’s customer. Spamtools team built a tool known as valid email checkers. Valid email checkers check the email list and requesting to the webserver and validate the email.

How Valid email checker works?

Spam Tools valid email checkers are very easy to use. It validate the given email list with the server of a bank or a company to check if the email is registered on the selected platform.  The checker send a request to the endpoint and retrieve information from the endpoints and separate them to two files die, or live. The die file includes the checked emails which are not registered while the live file include the registered emails.

How the valid checker make the work easy?

Spammers usually sending the spam letter to a lot of emails without knowing if the email belong to a person using the specific services. The chances of the results are 5.00%. When you send the emails using the SMTP to the thousands of emails the IP of the SMTP is blacklisted by the email providers like Gmail, Yahoo etc. But what if you know the emails are belong to the users registered on the platform you are spamming?


For example we have a list of 300k emails and we don’t know which one registered on the platform we are spamming and we started spamming it. The limit of our SMTP is 5k per hour, it will take to much time to send. However, what if in the email time the SMTP stopped working? isn’t it the wastage of resources?. But I have a valid email checker and I checked the 300k email list. The checker reflected live emails around 10k from the 300k list. It’ll be much easier to send to 10k emails instead of sending to 300k emails.

How it is efficient?

  • Saved time
  • Efforts
  • Resources
  • Fast

and much more.

How much emails we can check?

Spam Tools valid email checkers has no limit and can check unlimited emails. All hail to Team who have bypass the IP bans of the platform. Usually when you request to the server by using some sort of scripts the script stop working and the server stops responding due to the IP ban. The firewall ban your IP and blacklist it. However, we assure our customers that checkers are unlimited.

Single User: Valid email checkers and other tools are single user based. The tools can’t be used by multiple users. Valid email checkers auto detect the users and detect if the customer is using the checkers on multiple computers or by users. When the checker detect the customer uses the checker on multiple machines, it automatically suspend your license.


Penalty charges of the account suspension is 150$ per license.


The checkers are working fine on RDPs and it automatically detects the RDP. However, before changing the RDP you’ll have to contact the team in order to whitelist the RDP for the customer.

Contact Us:

Telegram: spamtools0x01

ICQ: spamtools.ioo

Telegram Channel: Spam Tools Telegram Channel

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